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The BVO Commitment

Here at Buchanan Virtual Office (BVO) every client interaction is an opportunity to enhance the experience and make a good impression.

We are always striving to deliver over-the-top client service to help build you and your business. We conduct our business with honesty, transparency, and integrity.

Our key principle is and will always be growth. We help our clients to achieve lasting personal and business advancement. We have anchored our success to that of our clients; through dedication and commitment to excellence we enable their growth potential and enable ROI. We put our client satisfaction at the forefront to ensure they’re getting the best experiences.

How BVO Can Help You

Buchanan Virtual Office offers a wide array of virtual assistant services to fit the needs of your business.

We work with small businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals and not-for-profit who find it difficult to carve out time for necessary tasks. There is but so much time to do everything; we are your right hand to handle the tasks behind the scenes.

Working as trusted business partners, we sweep administrative clutter from their paths and give them more free time to focus on running their core business.

One-Stop Office Solutions

We specialize in being proactive with our clients. We have always known that this is our distinct, competitive advantage. Clients work with our team to cut cost, create high-performance businesses and free themselves from the frustration of trying to figure it out or do it all. We can take your project from conception to completion, which takes the burden off you.

How Our Services Work

We work with established and successful entrepreneurs, business owners, and C-Suite Executives, to support those who are over-stretched and reactive to the day-to-day demands instead of proactively growing their business and profit.

By having a virtual support team, you can:

  • Save time. We take care of recurring and other time-consuming tasks, so you can spend more time working on your business and high-level tasks.
  • Save and make more money. Stop spending your valuable time on administrative, support, financial, and marketing tasks that do not directly serve your business growth. With a virtual support team, you do not pay for office or equipment needs, sick leave, or benefits.
  • Save your sanity (and maybe your family’s too). Quit trying to do it all alone! Let us help you get your life back.
  • Gain an accountability partner: We remind you of your tasks, do follow-ups and generally hold you accountable (in the nicest possible way) when you are distracted by other aspects of your business, brain-fog moments, and simply suffering from business overload.

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Customer Reviews

Aaron S.


“Gina’s experience shows through her timely responses, detailed approaches, and overall performance. She’s been an absolute pleasure to work with, and I recommend her to any business looking for talent like hers.”

Christina G.


“Gina has a great talent for identifying the needs of her clients. She is energetic, proactive and detail oriented. She is also wonderfully down to earth and is a joy to work with. She is truly an asset to both her clients and those who have the chance to connect with her.”

Philip B.


“Gina has provided my company with an invaluable service with her dedication and hard work. She is honest and highly responsive – not only to my company’s needs but to my client’s needs as well.I recommend her to anyone who needs someone to have their company’s best interest at heart.”

Lisa A.


“Gina has noteworthy levels of integrity, responsibility, and honesty. She is a great team player. And has a good sense of humor to boot. I highly recommend her with the caveat that I hope to be filling up all of her time soon so her availability may be limited.”


We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team. You can apply here! 

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