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What Makes Our Services Different?

We want to make your life easier and can help you discover new ways of organizing your systems, so you know where your money is, where it needs to be, and what the possibilities for your company’s future includes.

We can review your books and are dedicated to finding you a “set it and forget it” solution to your needs so that you can focus on what matters most; making your business grow and thrive. 

Our goal is to help you gain a velar focus on your bottom line and keep track of your cash flow. By doing this it allows you to leverage your revenue and make proactive and prosperous decisions.

Included In Our Services Are:

Job posting/job ads management, applicant screening, resume/profile review, background checking, administer screening tests, phone interviews, book in-office interviews, database management of employee files, facilitate new hire orientation, and congratulatory email for new hires.

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Why Organize Your Documents & Bookkeep With BVO:

Do you need help in setting up your Human Resource Team or HR Department? Do you have your own HR team/department but do not have enough manpower to complete immediate human resource tasks and activities?

Are you a busy entrepreneur and do not have the luxury to focus on managing time-consuming human resource administration?

Want to focus more on your growing business and be able to delegate repetitive tasks that can be done by others? Do you simply need help in human resource department but cannot afford the cost of hiring an in-office HR employee?

We deliver effective recruiting and human resource services to small-businesses, entrepreneurs and managers.

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