by Aaron Scowcroft, Founder/CEO, Pioneer SBC

Picture this – you have a rockstar employee that is doing the following for you:

·        Counting the number of people coming into your business.

·        Asking each and every person if they have been to your business before. Then finding out how often they’ve come to your business, and over what length of time.

·        Recording how long each person stays.

·        Writes down the customer’s age, gender, name, and collect an email for you.

·        Emails each customer after they leave, based on how many times they have visited to promote your business brand, ask for reviews, retain customers that are at-risk of not coming back, and get attendance for your events.

How much would this employee be worth to you? One might think that someone of this caliber would be asking for at least $15.00/hour, and would need to be actively present during all operational business hours in order to maximize your investment. That could get expensive quickly.

What if there was a way to capture all of the above information, and simultaneously send email communications automatically, without having to hire a new person to manage this?

At Pioneer SBC, we specialize in turning Guest Wi-Fi in your business into a profit center by installing state-of-the-art equipment with best-in-class technology to do exactly that. Learn more about your customers, and more about your business performance with an intuitive dashboard.

But why does any of this matter?

It’s simple really.

If you know who your clientele is, you can identify marketing opportunities that are less costly, more effective, and drive profits to your business. Marketing is an investment, not an expense. When done correctly, businesses can utilize this data to make decisions such as:

·        Who to market to. (What age, gender, geographic location?)

·        Moving labor hours around to accommodate the busy times of the day. (Labor represents a vast majority of a business’ expense in a retail or brick and mortar environment)

·        Understanding areas of opportunity based on dwell times. (How long is your service taking at your local car dealership?)

·        Building your brand and increasing your audience.

With a new email database at your fingertips, you can create ads through platforms like Facebook and use that email database to create a Lookalike Audience, where ads will be served to people who have the same interests as your current database. Perhaps you want some new clientele, so you can exclude your email database to try and find new business opportunities.

Whatever the case may be, data is vital to making any business decision, especially smart ones. Visit us at to learn more, or email us at

Thanks for reading!

-Aaron Scowcroft, Founder/CEO, Pioneer SBC